Monday, 11 July 2011


So it's Monday today and I'm getting ready to have a week of staring at boards. Yep. School sure is fun! And not a complete waste of time in any sense.
err.. So i'm looking through underground house building so I can continue my quest of world domination and you can see one of the guides here.
Here's a fun little comic I made about the power of ice cream.
So after a 'hard' day of staring at teachers, I have one question to ask you. Why is there ham in my pocket?
Oh, and for some comedic relief, I accidentally said "so.. do we have to wear clothes?" when speaking about a coming school trip.


  1. Every time i see Mondays I think of Dead Like Me, the receptionist always "somebodies got a case of the Mondays!" then giggle.

  2. Is that a good movie? I saw a trailer for it once a few years ago, but never actually got to see a screening / buy it.