Friday, 22 July 2011

I am the king of stailmate!!

Ok, so.. my first personal post on here. Basically i made some plans with a friend to go and play tennis today. So, after getting up very hungry i ended up having a breakfast of four Fried Eggs two Instant noodle packets and one plate of chick pea curry and rice (lots'a rice! 8D) and a cup of black coffee. After that i left for a day of tennis with -let's call him- Cornelius the Private Investigator, who met me at our planned meet up point (helipad). Which was pretty weird as it takes me forty minutes to fly by helicopter to 'Restaurant of Breakfast Lunches,' while it only takes him about 20 minutes by jet-pack. So, Cornelius the Private Investigator and me eventually arrived at the Great British Sports Garden (GBSG), and went into the advanced tennis section. When we saw the grounds filled water we were saddened by all of the effort, and jet fuel that seemed to have been wasted in this journey. Luckily though we know the owner of GBSG personally and he was able to give us a ticket to the Great Chess Tournament of United Greatness. Needless to so we beat all their asses at the games and ended up being faced off against eachover. So, it was Me, your great 1ockedand1oaded, beloved by all 53 of my fans, and Cornelius the Private Investigator, with his various connections with News of the World, due to his assassination requests from Rupert Murdock. Let's just say it was intense. Rupert was there, scowling up at me. Cameras were flashing, trying to get shots of me under my tennis briefs. As the day became dark and the evening clouds drew nearer, me and Cornelius were still at it. 3 draws later. You see, Cornelius has a problem. He can't finish the job. I can. With just a king i was able to trick him into drawing with me 3 times! And on this 4th game it was looking like another draw would happen. It happened and with 4 games -which Rupert claimed he should have won- Cornelius was distraught. In fact, i was writing this story earlier today, on my helicopter, and my security system started to go crazy. It turned out i had been fired on by ground control because my helicopter had been deleted by some lulzy hacker. I got mad lulz from that one.

-based off a true story-


  1. wow. i am going to do this everyday! wooh, i feel awesome after that wall of text.

  2. fucking Cornelious, always messing around
    loled at the end

  3. Yes, that damn Cornelius! Glad i could spread some smiles anyhow. :)