Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Guide to Cloning

Ok, wow so I've just woken up from a my first recurring dream. Basically it's all about me cloning myself and it messing up. I think i might try and do a short writing on this soon.

>finds guide to cloning
>guide comes in mail
>solder components together finding on and off switch
>take tissue samples from parts of my body
>mix together in the jar that comes with the guide / components
>attach component-jar lid to jar
>end up with a mixture of stuff
>leave in the cupboard as the guide says
>come back from tennis to find that jar is now gone and completely naked and fully formed version of me is sitting there basically 'dead' hanging out my cupboard
>attach other device to the clone's head
>turn on device
>nothing happens
>i panic and end up hiding the body in the freezer
>dream ends
>back into dream
>I'm trying to find what's wrong with the device.
>find a link in the guide to TDKnuckle's channel
>turns out that he's the person that made the guide
>someone knocks on the door
>i open it to find mafia looking guys storming into my house
>they ask where my mother is
>they start asking for money
>i start worrying about whether they might find the body
>i start wishing that i'd separated the parts and put them in a bin or something
>i find a streak of line running down my nose
>realise that the line looks like the bottom of a kazoo
>try to reach for it
>my fingers go right through it
>decide that it's a trick of the light / my eye's are messing up
>eye's start hurting
>blink with left eye, then right eye, then both
>i open my eye's and i'm in bed.

So there you go! Man, that was a crazy night. I like how my brain always seems to put all of my dreams onto a cliffhanger for some reason.


  1. thats nice, thanks 4 sharing! :)

  2. That's weeeeeird. Dude, I'm kind of glad when I wake up during dreams, its usually like right before a zombie eats my heart out...nice post :D

  3. That is really weird, but not even close to some of my childhood dreams (which all involve an endpoint of death)

  4. Nice dream! I dreamed I ordered french fries and a hamburger. A lot less exciting :(