Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dream 2

 DAAAAAAmn. Ok, this dream has very VERY horrifying -and slightly sexual- scenes in it. Read at your own peril! >:D
-also wall of only lightly edited text warning for anyone that's reading this on a phone.

So dreams, I had a dream. I had a dream where i was on a white sandy beach with 4 friends. I decided it would be good at this point in the dream to show off my cool insheeption tricks to these friends. This ended with me spawning -yes GTA San Andreas hacker sheet style- a match-stick helicopter on the beach. It was a pretty cool thing to fly high above this beach in a see through air craft made from highly flammable match-sticks, and we were all having fun. Until things got sketchy. We lost control of the helicopter at the end of the beach, into a gloomy swamp. I was separated from everyone else when we crashed and I was very delirious. I couldn't move a muscle and was in danger of drowning in the swamp. Lucky this large old woman rescued me, when i was large i mean that creepy undead fat bitch from the dawn of the dead remake. So there i was basically Catatonic -yes i have that slayer song playing now, thanks for asking- curled up in this large woman's bosom like some cat nip sodden feline. Naturally i was aroused by this display of rotting swamp-land and largely fat based females. Realizing that I was poking this woman with my 'uterus poker' as some would call it. I became very self conscious, regaining more of my mind. She didn't seem to notice though. Eventually we went into her hut-by-the-swamp place. (Imagine a big shed in a swamp in a dream within a dream. yep, that's right.) There i met up with two of my friends who were glad to see me well. The woman on the other hand seemed to be panicking about something, telling us to run, something about 'they're here'. After fleeing to some small shrubs me and my two remaining friends began to here the pained streaks of -let's call him- Friend No:3. Friend No:3's struggle came into focus just outside the hut where we had fled. It seemed that someone had tied him to a stake and was skinning him using a selection of tools on a table beside him. Terrified we watched as he slowly stopped struggling, and died in front of us. Peace was not completed though, as more screams were heard coming from inside the house. Just then the doors of the hut burst open to reveal the carnage that had been happing inside. Being wheeled out of the hut was what looked like a misshapen sausage covered in Cleanfilm (Plastic Wrap). But it was screaming. As the disfigured person that had been wheeling the table only seconds before started to dig into the sausage creature with a tool that looked something like a cross between scissors and a serrated pizza cutter. It became obvious that this was Friend No:4. The shadowy figure then picked up a pare of clamps and dug into Friend No:4's torso. It was apparent that the man had clamped onto something as Friend No:4 had stopped squirming and now just screamed in a high pitched squeal that could have been heard in the empty beach. The figure tugged once, then twice and his tongs flew up in the air with Friend No:4's kidney.
At This point i woke up and went to the beach, wondering how i had ever had such a fucked up dream in one night.

For a more in depth look into 'They're here' please click on this link.


  1. Weird.. it says that i posted this at 5pm, but I spent from midnight to 01:08 recalling and writing this for you guys. -click the link when i say 'they're here' to get a nice buzz so you wont fall asleep.

  2. XD And it's another cliffhanger too! -Curse you brain!! Well, will there be a sequel? Will i have another continuing dream when i go back to Greece this summer? Only my subconscious will decide!

  3. the human brain cooks up some weird stuff when we are dreaming, I'm sure no matter how weird you think that dream is, you'll have an even weirder one waiting for you some night!

  4. haha this was pretty sweet...I wish I could remember my dreams =(


  5. haha i always hate the dreams i remember but they are so crazy and i usually want to tell people

  6. So, on your patence evermore attending, Following!