Sunday, 18 December 2011

I am such a great and spectacular artist. -David Greenfield

So I have made this great and inspirational piece of artwork for all of you who are lower then me to grovel and submit your lives to. Avert your gaze weak ones, for this may blow your mind.

Yes. Look at the emotion. The simplicity. The fact that it only took me five minutes to create this masterpiece is astonishing if not a blatant blasphemy to the powers that be.
I will tell the story to those that cannot visualise such a powerful story in the visual form.

One bright summers evening Jeremy Hermanthanew, and David Summerfield, were having a relaxing drive through the countryside. -One such drive that is only possible through a consistent and unrelenting opposition to immigration which allows foreigners to dirty our sacred landscape with their uncivilised ways. Anyway I'm getting off topic. So, sacred land, pure white sheep, and low fuel efficient cars. Our great friends David and Jeremy were having a discussion on how to export those illegal immigrants still in our country. Jeremy had the idea that they should be all shot on sight. whereas David argued that this would be a waste of resources necessary to oppose the EU, and their wish to take away the British regime of bringing guns to countries that we go to war with.
Needless to say the conversation got quite heated and Jeremy took his eyes off the road. The car started to swerve. They smashed into the tree at full force and when straight through it, thanks to the car's brilliant lack of crumple zones.

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