Saturday, 29 October 2011

Quick little update

So Right now I'm studying Economics, Maths, Chemistry, and Further Maths. Which are really hard subjects, but I’m a bit of a workaholic, in that, if I don't think I’m working 'hard enough' I tend to slack off. So, right now, I have an entire unit of Chemistry to catch up on, and subsequent revision cards that need to be filled out. As well as about 4 Economics sheets I need to fill in. And I need to research electrical engineering as a career. All of which need to be done by Monday - Tuesday. Plus I might go to tennis tomorrow.
Boring stuff.
Anyway, about the holiday, I did draw a few good pictures, and am attempting to find a suitable way to photograph them, without all that blur from my damn shaky hands.
So, the holiday was good, not so much nude beach volleyball as last year. But I did forget to pay for a burger on the last evening of my stay, so I'm going to avoid that area next year. XD

Sorry for putting you through that, but to make up for it here's some Aphex Twin!


  1. I would suggest skipping to the fourth minute on the second video. -That's when the music starts.

  2. your working hard and I'm hardly working.


  3. sounds like a good balance. :)