Friday, 3 June 2011


So, I was reading this post on: a blog on 'a piece of net' and found this youtube channel full of inspirational talks and events.
Looking around the channel I came across this video about how "schools kill creativity." It tells us that the schools, and in-fact the general education system put into place is very misguided, and usually undermines education of certain kinds to favor those seen as 'useful in life.' The fact is that of the very small percentage of our earthly population, the amount of people who can do more than work towards an endless goal do not.
I seem to have a bad habit of making the important things depressing to others, so I'll just say that 'THE SYSTEM IS KEEPING US DOWN MAN' and leave you guys with a smile and hopefully a new push that you can use to further the success of, whatever you are good at.

If you don't like links then here's the embedded version of the previously mentioned video, (it is 20 minutes long though, so you may want to go to the native page to avoid eye-strain from the small screen):


  1. hihi ^^ (thanks for the shout-out).
    it's one of my favorite TED talks.
    and yeah, TED is really good.

  2. It makes perfect sense. I don't believe in most conspiracy theories but this explains why kids now have no minds of their own; the media tells them to like Justin Beiber and they follow mindlessly.

    Great info, thanks.

  3. da school system toats needs an overhall